Today is the day of Thanksgiving, a day to give thanks to the people you love, the people you are closest to. I want to take this opportunity to thank my family without whom I would always be "Solo" - after all who are we without our family?

A family is there to support and help you grow, they love you unconditionally, playing a fundamental part in shaping the person you will be. I am so grateful for the good times with my family, they have always been by my side for the good times, and when I needed them most through the difficult times.

We should thank our families every day but today, if like me you are lucky enough to spend this fantastic day with your family then thank them one by one because family love is one of the greatest blessings we can have.

Thank you for everything ❤️
Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours! @ 安德烈_波切利Bocelli

P.S. in this photo my mother Enrica, my little sister Ludovica and my grandma Edi are missing, but I always keep you in my heart too ❤️