“Dreams are like the old stories where wolves are seekers always running, and women carry fire in their bare hands and light the dark paths before them. Old stories hold that the birds will fly all the miles of the world to tell your secrets to the rising moon, and men will walk over oceans of ice to find one truth.”  -Tamara Rendell
“夢境就像古老的故事: 掠食的狼不斷在奔跑,勇敢的女人們在餓狼來臨之前用手捧著火照亮黑暗之路。故事里的鳥兒夜以繼日地飛,把你的祕密告訴了緩緩升起的月亮,男人們踏過冰海只為找到唯一的真理。”-Tamara Rendell